CyclicAds™ Introduction

Traffic for Advertisers | Earn for Directing Traffic with Our Ads Incentivized Token - CYCX

Dear valued advertisers, members and investors,

Welcome to CyclicAds™ decentralized advertising, where you can enjoy both advertising opportunities, earn money and increase your branding awareness, simultaneously!

Our marketers and developers have combined over 25+ years of experience exploring new marketing initiatives and subject matter experts in directing traffic. With the introduction of blockchain technology and smart contracts on network such as Ether and BSC, we've been thinking about how to make use of this space to add value to token holders. Finally, we are able to do this by introducing our Ad Incentivized Token; CYCX. By tokenizing our ad traffic and creating a new cashback market for users who direct traffic to our advertisers, we are able to provide a win-win situation to both parties.

Although our objective is to decentralize the advertising space and incentivize the traffic owners, we do not intend to compete with existing large network such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. In fact, we are looking at utilizing the existing traffic networks to direct the audience to our marketing channels, built on these applications. By doing so, we capture a sizeable traffic, attract more advertisers and in return, incentivize members and CYCX holders -or hodlers. This enable all type of traffic owners or direct traffic individuals to earn together. Simply put, we cut a slice of our agency fees to you.

For advertisers, let us know which sector or industry you are in and we will find the targeted audience and traffic for you.

For traffic controllers, website owners, social media influencers and individuals, join us today to earn and grow with us together!


Background Introduction

CyclicAds aimed to deliver ads across multiple platforms and marketing channels around the world, combined with both technology and traditional marketing methods, together with tokenized format by making full use of the “interoperability” advantage of blockchain technology, allowing token holders on Binance Smart Chain to reap rewards from our advertising incentive programs, breaking the traditional agency-client model. We call our new model, CYA (Client-You-Agency); client is our advertiser, you being the affiliated agent and us as the agency who negotiate the campaigns with the client.

Last but not least, thank you for being part of Cyclic Ads Network.

CyclicAds™ Team Odin


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