What We Do

Reward Program

Cyclic Ads enable auto-minting for participants who direct traffic to our advertisers and reward them with our minted tokens

CYCX on PancakeSwap

CYCX will list on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with cheaper and faster transactions.

Crypto Ad Reporting

We provide reports for all crypto marketing and advertising reports so clients stay ahead of competitions and get all the latest reports in real-time.

Growth of eCPM=(Earning/Imp)*1K

We use eCPM performance metric and use our algorithm to determine the revenue generated from advertisers, in return reward our holders on a recurring basis.

Protection against fraud

Our ad network access are protected by robust cyber security, and with our carefully written tokenomics, we ensure the stability of our tokens such as anti-whale, no rugpull with proper audit records etc.


Token holders enjoy 100% anonymity by referring leads and direct traffic to our participating media channels. That's right, we just need your addresses for your payout.


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