Reward Program #2 (Claim)

Reward Program #2 (Claim) For our active users who participate in this program to increase traffic and attract leads to our advertisers, we added a second reward program to incentivize you. Whenever we publish as ad, For every CPC (Cost Per Click) and/or CPV (Cost Per View), we then calculate how many CYCX tokens you can receive as a reward.

How It Works When we receive an advertising campaign, we will post a URL link in our designated Telegram Channel (C#1) and you will follow the instructions by clicking the link which we will redirect you to our ad bot (C#2) to claim the tracking code and complete the process by clicking the link to our ad landing page. You will need to complete the process by signing up a form and CYCX tokens will be issued to you after confirmation of the whole process.

User Requirements

  • Your BEP20 Wallet Address to claim the token reward

  • Telegram Account

Important: The claimable link is only active during the campaign period, so you need to run the entire steps again from Channel #1 if you drop out of the campaign midway through. You will be prompted to fill in your BEP20 address in Channel #2.

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