Reward Programs Overview

CYCX Token CYCX Token is a reward token of AdFi, which users can use other tokens on BSC and stake it.

CYCX Depository A wallet that we generate income from our clients.

Agency Fee We collect standard agency fee from our clients between 20%-30% depending on the complexity of campaigns and allocated budget.

Reward Program #1 (Auto) Similar to APY, CyclicAds system auto-generate token rewards to account holders who stake their tokens with CYCX. The reward is calculated from a fixed percentage from our Agency Fee. Reward Program #2 (Claim) For our active users who participate in this program to increase traffic and attract leads to our advertisers, we added a second reward program to incentivize you. Whenever we publish as ad, For every CPC (Cost Per Click) and/or CPV (Cost Per View), we then calculate how many CYCX tokens you can receive as a reward.

CyclicAds Marketing Channels We run multiple marketing channels via several social media platforms to ensure everyone can play a part of the reward program. If our channels are full, we will create new ones and advertise there. To get started, please join us today!


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